61-year-old man is beat down, gets arrested after mocking woman with Down Syndrome at Disney World

When I was a child, I was taught to treat others with the respect they deserved, irrespective of color, creed, or anything else that might set them apart from me.

Now, I want to believe that the majority of people I share this planet with are given the same basic education in morality. Sadly, however, it seems there are plenty of people still living in the stone age where simple kindness and acceptance are concerned.

A 61-year-old man was arrested at Disney World earlier this year after a shocking altercation that exposes the truly deplorable depths some people are willing to sink to.

As per reports, 61-year-old Brent George was arrested at Disney World on January 25, following a fight that took place at Belle Vue Lounge, a bar inside the Boardwalk Inn.

Police officers are said to have arrived on scene to find Brent with bruises and wounds on his face. Brent claimed to have been drinking with a nearby family before they “attacked” him.

Quoted by the Daily Beast, his arrest affidavit read: “He stated he was having a ‘good time’ with the individuals and then he was attacked by them.”

One of Brent’s companions, Ward Weber, added that Brent had been approached by the family “because they were ‘having fun’.”

Yet the investigating officers soon found holes in the pair’s story, and when they spoke to the family they were told an entirely different tale. Wesley Goldberg, a member of the family in question, revealed to police that an intoxicated Brent had approached them and targeted his sister, who has Down Syndrome.

“Wesley stated verbally and in a sworn written statement that Brent came near their table and started to make fun of his handicapped sister by imitating the grunts that she occasionally made,” the affidavit read.

The girl’s mother, Candace Goldberg, stood up for her daughter, only for Brent to shove her. When Wesley Golberg’s wife Maria tried to then intervene, Brent slapped her, leading to Wesley engaging in a physical tussle with the man.

“After slapping Maria, her husband Wesley got involved,” the affidavit said. “Wesley was punched on the left side of his neck, and proceeded to punch Brent on the side of his head, resulting in the injury Brent sustained.”

The altercation was reportedly ended when an unnamed bystander bear-hugged Brent and carried him away. With police having weighed both sides of the story, they decided to arrest Brent, take him to the local jail, and charge him with four counts of first-degree battery. The suspect is said to have pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

Needless to say, the internet was furious with Brent’s behavior when word of the incident reached the web.

“Well he deserved it that’s for sure. Good job whoever taught him a lesson,” one person wrote.

“As a father and a husband, it would be awful to have your child mocked and your wife assaulted,” another added. “As a man with a little spare aggression in the tank, it would be glorious to have someone give you such a gift wrapped reason to unleash on them.”

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