Artifact from our attic. Anyone know what was it’s purpose? 1888 house


Debby said:
Hang something on it.

Kathy said:

Maybe a fancy bootscraper

JohnJames said:

Perhaps an exterior bracket to hang a plant on a porch?

Debbie said:

Decoration of some sort…neat find.

Lelia said:
Looks like a decorative piece to be in a door frame.

Beth said:


Ryan said:

Architectural. Corner of porch posts? Can you show a pic of your house?

Joey said:

Entrance corners

Megan said:

Looks like a piece of iron roof cresting.

Karen said:
Looks like a metal corbel

Kathy said:

Decorative bracket for porch columns.

Sandra said:

It looks like a hand carve decoration off of a piece of furniture.

Victoria said:

I have very similar either side of a very old wall clock

Tracy said:

maybe a hat rack

Sean said:
Going to guess to hang lanterns or potted plants or just a decorative piece looks like it would be hung upside down

Alice said:
From a dresser?

Niki said:

I had a dresser that had very similar detail. It was on each side of a mirror. It decorated the pieces that held the mirror in place.

Darell said:

Top of a gate.. 2 facing each other…

Darell 2 said:
Wood or metal? if wood part of and old coco clock

Bea said:

I have a bed with similar carving walnut

Johnny said:
a fancy hook

Judith said:
Small decorative corbel?

Allen said:
Could be a fancy boot scraper.

Larry said:

It’s an ornamental “hoo-hah”…

 Melissa said:
It is lovely. Great photo on the gridded mat for size. I hope you find a way to use and enjoy this decorative piece!

Cathy said:
You can see the 2 holes, for hanging , decorative piece for exterior

Gabrielle said:

To Press into Plaster for Decoration for Ceilings, I imagine.!

Renee said:
Maybe a stair bracket.

Suzie said:

Front of house decor?

Chris said:

Looks like piece of metal trim or piece of shelf support. If you hold it with base against a wall could have been a shelf support (obviously you would need 2!

Bob said:

bolt holes on top and bottom, looks like a plant hanging hook

Luis said:

One of those vintagey Throwing Stars? If it hits you you’ll get Lockjaw.

Cathy said:

I would use it as a plant hanger on my deck.

Anthony said:

Off a weather vane

Lisa said:

Eave decoration

Laurise said:



Unraveling the Mystery of an Antique Artifact: Exploring the Purpose of a Relic from an 1888 House Attic

In the attic of an 1888 house lies a relic of the past—a mysterious artifact whose purpose remains shrouded in uncertainty. With its weathered appearance and intriguing design, it beckons curiosity, prompting questions about its origin and function. Let’s embark on a journey to unravel the enigma surrounding this antique object and uncover clues to its bygone purpose.

Upon first glance, the artifact appears to be a wooden contraption with intricate carvings and faded markings, reminiscent of a bygone era. Its aged patina hints at a rich history, while its craftsmanship speaks to a time when handiwork was revered. Yet, its purpose remains elusive, leaving its true identity open to speculation.

One possibility is that the artifact served as a household tool or implement, designed to fulfill a specific function within the daily lives of the house’s inhabitants. Given the era of the house’s construction, it could have been used for tasks such as food preparation, textile work, or even lighting. Its design may offer clues to its intended use, with features such as compartments, handles, or attachments providing insight into its functionality.

Alternatively, the artifact might have had a more decorative or ceremonial purpose, serving as a symbol of status, tradition, or cultural significance. In the late 19th century, decorative objects were often crafted with meticulous detail and adorned with symbols or motifs that held special meaning within their respective communities. By examining the carvings, engravings, or symbols present on the artifact, we may glean insight into its cultural context and significance.

To unlock the mystery of the artifact, it may be helpful to consult historical records, archives, or expert opinions. Local historians, antique appraisers, or museum curators with expertise in 19th-century artifacts could provide valuable insights into the object’s origins and use. Additionally, conducting research on similar artifacts from the same time period or geographic region may offer comparative evidence to support various theories regarding its purpose.

Ultimately, the true nature of the artifact may remain elusive, as the passage of time often obscures the details of history. However, the journey of exploration and discovery itself can be deeply enriching, offering a glimpse into the lives of those who came before us and the tools they used to navigate their world. As we ponder the mysteries of the past, we honor the legacy of our ancestors and celebrate the enduring allure of antique artifacts like the one found in the attic of an 1888 house.

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