Found this piece in rubbles of an old house. It’s made of glass and fairly heavy. Bottom flat. Top made of metal with a square hole! What is it?

A questioner said:
Found this piece in rubbles of an old house. It’s made of glass and fairly heavy. Bottom flat. Top made of metal with a square hole! What is it?

Some of the answers here:

  1. some kind of door handle?
  2. Though the same, just the bottom part that would be most visible as a knob is sanded flat, matte and ugly. So maybe there’s something missing…
  3. It just looks broken or rubbed off. It’s definitely a door knob. We used to have the clear ones in my old house.
  4. Must be a door knob- the square hole is exactly right.
  5. I think so too. But why the glass is so flat, matte and ugly where it should be most beautiful. Was there something attached, liked glue metal decorative cap hmmm.
  6. Yes, exactly. It’s a doorknob that used to have an onlay that is missing.
  7. Nobody mentions the chicken pic.
  8. Almost looks like the end of a curtain rod
  9. Or bed knob?, safe to say, it’s a knob.
  10. My thoughts exactly the butt end looks too unfinished for a doorknob & its on the small side
  11. Door knob with some decorations that went missing.
  12. Absolutely a doorknob. A square spindle goes in the opening and a small screw in the hole holds the spindle in place. The spindle goes through the door mechanism and turns the latch.
  13. Door knob, hole for bar to connect through to other one?
  14. It could be an ornate table foot. I’ve seen similar ones that look like an eagles foot holding a glass ball.
  15. Is it possibly an ink well. I know it looks like a knob, but why would they glue something on the end? I’ve seen a lot of antique knobs, hell, I’m antique, but I have never seen one glued. But I could be wrong, just throwing out another possibility.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment:

Amidst the debris of a dilapidated structure, often overlooked and undervalued, lies the potential for discovery. Such was the case when a curious artifact was unearthed from the rubble of an old house. Crafted from glass with a substantial weight, its enigmatic nature beckoned the attention of archaeologists and historians alike. What secrets did this relic hold within its fragile confines?

At first glance, the artifact appeared unassuming—a piece of glass amidst the ruins. However, its weight hinted at a significance beyond mere decoration. Upon closer inspection, it revealed intriguing details: a flat bottom suggesting stability, and a top adorned with metal, featuring a square-shaped orifice.

The combination of materials—glass and metal—suggested a purposeful design, possibly hinting at the artifact’s function. But what could it have been used for? Was it a part of everyday household items, or did it serve a more specialized role?

The glass component, with its smooth texture and translucent appearance, hinted at a level of craftsmanship characteristic of skilled artisans. Its weight suggested durability, indicating that it was not merely decorative but intended for practical use.

The metal top, featuring a square hole, added another layer of mystery. Was it a lid, sealing something within the glass vessel? Or perhaps it served as a handle, allowing for the artifact’s manipulation or transport?

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