I was HORRIFIED to see my MIL bathing my son in a sink, WHERE WE WASH THE DISHES

A question that often comes up: can I bath my baby in the sink? And to be fair, it’s one that we asked ourselves back when our own children were tiny- and presumably our own parents pondered the same, too! So we thought we’d settle the debate once and for all, and give you the low down on sink baths for baby- whether you should do it, what you need to think about and why it might be a good idea to try it after all!

Can I Bath my Baby in the Sink?_Cuddledry.com
There are many reasons why new parents consider bathing their baby in the sink. Some families may only have a shower in their bathroom, or they might not have access to a baby bath when they bring their new baby home. Other families might just be following on a tradition that has lasted generations!

Before the boom in the nursery industry (and way before there were so many new baby essentials to add to your shopping lists!) lots of families would bath their baby in the sink because there simply wasn’t any alternative. These days, baby bath tubs are aplenty, but still lots of parents decide that sink baths are a lot more convenient- if it works for you, then why not?

If you’re not sure whether or not to fill the sink or splash out on a baby bath, then it might be a good idea to consider the pros and cons of each.

Use less water
Sink baths tend to use less water as you’ve got a smaller space to work with, which is a huge plus for many. Not only will this cut down on water bills, but it’s a huge win for the planet too.

Easier on your back
Standing at the sink can be a lot kinder to your back than having to bend over a baby bath on the floor. Sink baths can also be a lot easier for new mums recovering from a c-section tor this reason too.

Can I Bath my Baby in the Sink?_Cuddledry.com
Quick and easy
It’s considerably faster and less hassle to fill the sink to give your baby a bath, than it is to get everything ready for the baby baht tub. Plus, you can have all your equipment ready to go on the draining board so it’s more easily accessible too.

Location is key
Lots of kitchen sinks tend to be by the window in the kitchen and in cooler weather, this might not be ideal. The good thing about baby baths is that you can move them to water parts of the house when you need to.

Not all sinks are sized the same
Mot baby bath tubs will come in more or less the same size and shape, designed for small babies to use. Your sink can be deeper, shallower, smaller, bigger… not all sinks are great for sink baths so it’s worth checking the logistics before you write off investing in a tub.

Consider your cleaning products
We’ll go over cleaning your sink later on, but for now it’s worth noting that you definitely will need to clean your sink before and after your baby has their bath- so consider what products you’re going to be using.

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