WATCH: LSU Women’s Basketball Team Gets Torched After Missing Anthem Due To Pre-Game Routine

The LSU women’s basketball team recently sparked controversy after they walked out on the national anthem before their game against Iowa.  While the Iowa players stood patriotically holding hands and honoring their country, the women from Louisiana left the court to head to the locker room in what the coach claimed was just the team sticking to its pregame routine, not an intentional slight of the anthem, but something that conservative influencers latched onto and were infuriated by.

In the game, LSU was beaten 94-87 by Iowa, where the Hawkeyes star player, Caitlin Clark, delivered an impressive 41-point performance, meaning Iowa will head to the Final Four and LSU is out after losing this Elite Eight battle.

LSU head coach Kim Mulkey, asked after the game why the team didn’t stay on the court for the anthem, said, “Honestly, I don’t even know when the anthem was played. We kind of have a routine when (our players are) on the floor, and they come off at the 12-minute mark (prior to the game).” So, while the anthem doesn’t appear to have been a priority for the team compared to its pre-game routine, it appears to have been skipped unintentionally rather than purposefully, as LSU’s pre-game schedule means it is never on the court for the anthem.

However, users on social media have slammed the LSU Tigers for their unpatriotic conduct before their devastating loss. For example, conservative commentator Benny Johnson discussed the pre-game disrespect toward the national anthem, stating, “LSU Women’s Basketball Team skipped the National Anthem Iowa stood proud LSU just got their a** beat With the entire stadium cheering against them Season over Let this be a lesson to all players: the cringy, selfish woke athlete moment is OVER.”

Many voiced their disdain toward the lady Tigers, noting that they would never support the team again following their conduct.  “If LSU Womens Basketball Team did not stand for the national anthem. I will never watch another LSU WOMEN’s Basketball game again and I graduated from LSU. All of the soldiers that fought for and gave their lives for this country deserve to be respected! If true, this is an embarrassment to LSU,” said one user.

Another LSU alumni expressed their disappointment in the team, labeling their actions “one of the most disrespectful things” that can be done in America.  This user also called out head coach Kim Mulkey for her team’s behavior and ingratitude toward a country that has allowed these athletes to obtain an education through scholarship.

“I went to LSU undergrad, and I love my LSU Tigers, but walking out in the National Anthem angers me to no end! It is one of the most disrespectful things a person can do in our country. It disrespects everyone, especially the soldiers, who fought and continue to fight for our freedoms. @LSU @LSUwbkb and Kim Mulkey need to be called out on this and remember we are blessed to live in a Country that affords coaches the opportunities to earn a fantastic living doing what they love, and players to have scholarships to play ball and get an education! Shame on you, LSU,” said user sherrydevillier.

A common theme among the vast amount of criticism dealt toward LSU was the disrespect shown to the veterans who laid their lives down to defend the freedoms that allow the women to protest.  One user suggested that while these women can be displeased with some aspects of American history, they should not take their freedoms for granted.

“People who do not support our veterans or the national anthem should try to live somewhere where people will appreciate their ignorance. We are one nation and people should not be divided by the history that has granted them their freedoms. People have fought wars on and off the battlefield, battles against communism, slavery, bigotry, race, and hate. A lot of blood has been spilled for the freedoms these basketball players take for granted. Shame on them, the school, and anyone who supports that type of behavior. You may not like something in our history and that is fine. But the freedoms are what Make America Great,” said X user Michael Singleton.

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