We pulled down a false wall in the cellar of our 1857 house and found this! What is it? Any idea?

A questioner said:

We pulled down a false wall in the cellar of our 1857 house and found this! What is it? Any idea?

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  1. How come no one talking about the tea kettle that’s just suspended in the air
  2. Weird it was covered
  3. My mother cooked on one of these, she made amazing meals, also bread and cakes, Friday was bake day. We lived on the moors in the borders of England and Scotland. I now live in western Maryland, US.
  4. Excellent find, too bad it was not a treasure chest 
  5. That is beautiful. An antique dealer will give you quite a lot of money for that. I wouldn’t move it or touch it until I talk to antique dealers.
  6. What an amazing find. I wonder why the former owners covered that up.
  7. Nice I would start tearing down other walls maybe find something else!
  8. It was probably too heavy to get it out of the cellar so they left it.
  9. Wooooow lucky you I would be over the moon and use it with pride … I remember staying with my nan at weekends she had one and remember her having an iron on there to do her ironing … and doing toast on the fire it was lovely… lucky you 
  10. What a treasure
  11. So the original kitchen may have been in the cellar or it was the kitchen for the servants. Love it
  12. I’d leave it right there. Dust it off. Then design around it. It would be the focal point of your room.
  13. NO!!!is it full size or a child’s size? Whatever! What a FIND!
  14. It appears like they intentionally closed up the fireplace with stove and kettles intact for a future find like this. As a builder/contractor we almost always leave little mementoes or time capsules in the wall or closed off portions of the build. We often include owners information and pictures as well as our information. Coins from the year we did the project. Even bran new tape measures or hammers. Sometimes I’ve included brief essays on current events or political thoughts. It’s fun.
  15. Imagine putting a wall up with the kettles still on the stove! 
  16. It looks child Size. That’s truly amazing!
  17. Do you think this was original kitchen?
  18. Wow! They left the tea pots in there!!
  19. I used to black lead one of these for my gran, when I was a child. Of black lead can still be bought ot will come up like new.
  20. That old black grate is in great condition. So what are you going to do with it?

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Owning an old house often feels like holding a piece of history in your hands. Each creak and groan of the floorboards, each worn corner, and each weathered brick tells a story. When we bought our 1857 home, we knew it had secrets. Little did we know that one of its most remarkable stories was waiting to be uncovered behind a false wall in the cellar.

The Discovery

Our journey began with a simple home improvement project. The cellar, with its stone walls and cool, damp air, had always intrigued us. One wall, in particular, seemed different. It sounded hollow when tapped and had an odd, almost hidden, seam running down its length. Curiosity got the better of us, and with a few tools and a lot of determination, we decided to investigate.

As we carefully dismantled the wall, brick by brick, our anticipation grew. Finally, the last layer crumbled away to reveal a dusty, forgotten room. What lay within was beyond our wildest dreams.

The Hidden Room

The room was like a time capsule, sealed away and untouched for decades. Dust motes danced in the beams of our flashlights, illuminating a collection of objects that seemed frozen in time. We found old furniture, crates filled with yellowing papers, and a variety of curious artifacts.

Treasures and Traces of the Past

Among the most fascinating finds were:

  1. Antique Furniture: A beautifully crafted wooden rocking chair, a small writing desk, and a trunk filled with linens and clothing from the 19th century.
  2. Historical Documents: Letters, diaries, and legal papers that offered a glimpse into the lives of the home’s previous occupants. One particularly poignant diary detailed the daily life of a woman who lived in the house during the Civil War.
  3. Vintage Tools and Equipment: A collection of old tools, a sewing machine, and even an early model of a phonograph.
  4. Personal Items: Family photographs, a set of silverware, and a few pieces of jewelry that likely held sentimental value.

Piecing Together the Past

As we sifted through the items, we began to piece together the story of the house and its inhabitants. The documents revealed that the house had been a refuge during tumultuous times. The hidden room might have been used to store valuables or even serve as a safe haven during periods of unrest.

One particularly fascinating letter was from a former owner to a relative, describing how the false wall was constructed to protect the family’s most prized possessions from potential looters during the Civil War. This discovery added a layer of historical significance to our home, connecting us to the broader tapestry of American history.

Preserving Our Find

Realizing the importance of our discovery, we decided to preserve and document everything we found. We contacted local historians and museums, who were thrilled at the prospect of examining the artifacts and documents. We even received guidance on how to properly preserve the items to ensure they remained in good condition.

A New Chapter for Our Home

Uncovering the hidden room has deepened our appreciation for our historic home. It’s more than just a place to live; it’s a repository of memories and stories that have transcended generations. We plan to incorporate some of the artifacts into our home decor, creating a small museum-like display to share the history with visitors and future generations.


Our discovery behind the false wall in the cellar of our 1857 house has been nothing short of extraordinary. It serves as a reminder that the past is always with us, waiting to be uncovered and appreciated. As we continue to explore and restore our home, we look forward to uncovering more secrets and preserving the rich history that lies within its walls.

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