A woman dressed simply and with a sad face, entered a supermarket!

A woman dressed simply and with a sad face, entered a supermarket! She approached the owner and asked him if she could take some products and pay later.In a soft voice, she explained that her husband was very ill and unable to work, that they had seven children and needed food. The owner of the store, unmoved, asked the guards to kick the woman out of the store. However, the woman who was thinking about her family continued to beg: “Please, I will pay as soon as I can.” The owner of the store said he could not give food on credit to someone he did not know. Next to the entrance to the store was a customer listening to the conversation.

The customer came and told the owner that he was interested in his wife’s shopping, but he ignored her. The owner of the store called the woman and asked, “Do you have a shopping list?”, She replied ” Yes, sir “. “Okay, put your list on the scales and as you weigh the list, I’ll feed you,” he said. He hesitated for a moment and upside down, took a piece of paper and wrote about it. Then, fearfully, the woman placed the paper on the scales. In doing so, the scales sank immediately , as if I had placed a stone on it. The store owner and the customer looked at him in amazement.The shop owner started putting food on the other side of the scales, but she didn’t even move, so more and more food, but as the scales never fit, she couldn’t stand it anymore and took the piece of paper. to see if there is any trick. The shop owner looked at the paper and read in amazement…It was not a shopping list, it was a prayer that read, “Lord, the Lord knows my needs, I leave this situation in Your hands.” The owner of the store gave the woman all the food that was on the scales and was silent as the woman left the store. If you really liked what you read here, God bless you. Don’t forget to share this story….You who read this message and believe that God works miracles, leave a #amen and #share in 2 Facebook groups. Please, if you can share in groups to read more people, I appreciate it! God bless you all!

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