Boy, 16, divides the internet with billowing ballgown, some say he’s ‘stunning’ others say ‘vile’

Sixteen-year-old Korben White stirred both praise and criticism online with his striking prom attire—a voluminous ballgown paired with a sequin-speckled tuxedo top, perfectly complementing his red hair. His mother, Nina Green, shared a viral video of his preparation. Some celebrated his expressive choice, while others criticized it, suggesting it was a parental failure.

Korben, a young drag queen known as Miss Frou Frou, expressed his desire to attend prom in a gown when he was just 12. He finally realized his vision in 2022. Green explained, “He wanted to go as himself, with a tuxedo on the top and a dress at the bottom, influenced by Billy Porter.”

Korben received an enthusiastic reception from Archbishop Sancroft High School, where he donned his glittering outfit. Green expressed pride in her son’s authenticity, and their story resonated with many. Even Michelle Visage from RuPaul’s Drag Race applauded them. While some praised their courage, others criticized the choice. Despite the negativity, Green remains a staunch advocate for her son, hoping to inspire acceptance and support for other parents and children.

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