Could you please explain what this is? Since the day we bought it, it has been on our front porch.

Unraveling the Mystery of “CS88”

The Enigmatic Find

Have you ever found something mysterious at home? One homeowner did and turned to the internet for answers. They discovered a peculiar item on their front porch that has stumped them and Google. The object, stamped with “CS88” and weighing 16 pounds, has a history that might date back to the 1890s when their house was built.

Description and Details

The item in question has “CS88” stamped on it and weighs about 16 pounds. Without a banana for scale, they used a bathroom scale for accuracy. Its age and possible historical significance add to the intrigue.

Community Theories

Boot Scraper: Many believe it’s an old-fashioned boot scraper, although some think it’s too high or lacks enough ridges. Horse Tack Weight: Others suggest it could be a weight for reins or a horse tie-down. Fireplace Insert: Another theory is that it’s an insert for a fireplace. Industrial Tool: Some think it’s a blacksmith tool or a form for shaping pipes. Architectural Element: A few propose it could be an architectural component from the late 19th century.

Historical and Practical Guesses

Utility Object: It might have been a counterweight for window sashes or part of an antique mechanical system. Decoration: The “CS88” stamp could indicate it was a decorative or ornamental piece. Military or Industrial Relic: The stamp might link it to a specific manufacturer or suggest it was repurposed from military or industrial use.

Seeking Expert Opinions

To solve this mystery, the homeowners are reaching out for help. Here are steps they can take:

Detailed Photographs: High-resolution photos from various angles can aid in analysis. Local Historical Societies: These organizations can offer access to records and experts. Antique Appraisers: Specialists in 19th-century artifacts might provide insights. Online Forums: Posting in antique collector forums or Reddit’s r/whatisthisthing can tap into a vast pool of knowledge.


The “CS88” stamped artifact remains a fascinating puzzle. The homeowners hope that with community help and expert insights, they can unlock the story behind this intriguing piece and appreciate another layer of their home’s rich history.

If you recognize this object or have any clues about its origins and use, your input could be the key to solving this historical mystery!

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