Dan Haggerty, Who Played Grizzly Adams

Dan Haggerty, Iconic Actor of “Grizzly Adams,” Dies at 73

Dan Haggerty, known for his role as the gentle mountain man in the movie and television series “The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams,” passed away in Burbank, Calif., at the age of 73. His friend and manager, Terry Bomar, confirmed that cancer of the spine was the cause.

Early Career and Rise to Fame

Originally working as a stuntman and animal handler in Hollywood, Haggerty was approached by a producer for a film reshoot, which later led to his iconic role as Grizzly Adams. The film, based on the novel by Charles Sellier Jr., became a box office success, leading to a television adaptation where Haggerty reprised his role.

Popular Series and Awards

The television series, known for its heartwarming portrayal of man’s bond with nature, garnered significant praise and a People’s Choice Award for Haggerty in 1978. It also spawned two follow-up stories, continuing the legacy of Grizzly Adams.

Personal Life and Tragedies

Born in Los Angeles in 1942, Haggerty had a tumultuous childhood, later finding solace in acting. His personal life saw struggles, including divorces and the tragic death of his second wife in a motorcycle accident.

Versatile Career and Personal Challenges

Beyond Grizzly Adams, Haggerty appeared in various films and TV shows, showcasing his versatility as an actor. However, personal challenges, including legal issues and a severe accident that left him with third-degree burns, punctuated his life.

Legacy and Impact

Despite challenges, Haggerty’s legacy endures through his iconic portrayal of Grizzly Adams and his contributions to the entertainment industry. His passion for animals and the outdoors remained central to both his professional and personal life.

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