Discover the 5 differences! A challenge for clever minds with a high IQ!

IQ, short for Intelligence Quotient, measures an individual’s cognitive performance.

It is an indicator of how well someone can process information and draw logical conclusions to answer questions or make predictions.

In IQ tests, the short- and long-term memory are initially assessed.

They also evaluate the ability to solve puzzles, remember heard information, and how quickly the memory functions.

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Every student has the potential to learn, regardless of their IQ.

Some may still face difficulties in certain areas of school, which may be attributed to weaknesses in specific intelligence domains.

Special education programs often provide additional support to these students in areas where they face challenges.

Teachers can use IQ tests to identify which students could benefit from such supplementary programs.

Chess is a game that requires skill and strategy.

Intelligence plays a role, but care and perseverance are also crucial factors for continuously improving skills.

IQ tests can also help identify students who may excel in fast-paced, gifted programs.

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