Does anyone know what this is? It is over the basement door in our 1890’s home.

Does anyone know what this is? It is over the basement door in our 1890’s home.

Thanks, for the good and entertaining ideas!

I was able to pull the dome off and it looks like it is for a tiny bulb!


Ken said:
Maybe a light to let you know that the basement lights are on.

Scott said:
I’m going to guess a small light to illuminate the other socket for nighttime operations.

Anne said:
I’m going to guess a small light to illuminate the other socket for nighttime operations.

Roxane said:

It’s called a pilot light to let you know the outlet is hot. According to my hubs it had a lightbulb in it.

Ed said:
Pretty sure it’s an electrical outlet. It’s been painted over so it’s hard to tell but the trick is you can still see the two holes where the prongs go.

Lindy said:
It was a red light that came on when the outlet was on. The outlet was Likely controlled by a light switch

Tim said:
Indicator light, there is a bulb under the cage. typically for basement, closet or attic lights.

Sandra said:
I always wonder, why, when someone is requesting help, do some people have to provide stupid/smart-ass answers. Just leave it alone if you can’t help. You are not being funny..even if you think you are.

John said:
We had one in 1956 house but it had a switch by the plug and it was exactly some people say a light to indicate that basement lights on

Shana said:
My 124 year old house has one. It lets you know when the basement light or outside light is on depending on what it is wired to

Joe said:
Some older houses used these to plug in a sump pump…the light let you know that the pump had power…

Michael said:
Let you know there power and maybe the Basement or other light is on!

David said:
That’s where you poke your finger in and give your heart a jump. Just flip the switch back and forth

Cyndi said:
Whatever it was it’s pretty old and most likely somewhat dangerous now from an electrical perspective.

Caroline said:
Yuk paint on the outlet, don’t paint the outlets

Soulessazn said:
It’s a helmet in case the top outlet got his feelings hurt

Donna said:
So evil spirits can get out of the basement and find their way back.

Diane said:
It lit up with the basement lights were on in our home

Gina said:
There was a light in the dome part to indicate when the basement light was on.

Jeanette said:

It’s a light that tells you the basement light is on. The house I grew up in has one.

Linda said:
It’s a light that is low wattage to see where you’re going

Nicole said:
Utility plug w indicator light to let you know the wires are hot?

Bob said:
Sump pump or water well pump light. Grandpa used one.

John said:
It’s a light so you can see where the switch is had them in many homes.

David said:
Probably had a light in it that tells you you left the basement light on

Natasha said:
Maybe a vent because they used to believe electricity had vapours

Don said:
Keep the demons from escaping

Todd said:
Think that is a night light

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