Expert Claims Parents Should Ask Babies

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in May 2018.

A storm of criticism has descended upon author and educator Deanne Carson following her suggestion that parents should seek consent from babies before changing their diapers, sparking a debate that has divided opinion.

Carson’s comments, aired on ABC News, advocated for what she termed a “culture of consent” within households, urging parents to verbally seek permission from newborns before initiating diaper changes. While some have applauded her efforts to promote bodily autonomy from an early age, others have derided her stance as absurd and impractical.

The segment, later featured on Sky News Australia’s “Outsiders” show, drew scathing remarks from host Rowan Dean, who characterized the idea as “leftie lunacy” and mocked the concept of seeking consent from infants. The ensuing online furor propelled Carson into the spotlight, prompting her to defend her position on social media.

In a Facebook post addressing her critics, Carson reaffirmed the importance of teaching consent to young children, citing alarming statistics on sexual assault to underscore the urgency of her message. Despite her impassioned plea, Carson’s remarks have drawn both praise and condemnation from netizens, highlighting the polarizing nature of her advocacy.

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