Found a locked briefcase under an old wood shed floor: Inside are power supplies / plugs, a 9V battery, alarm, removable piping and a removable bracket

TheRoadsMustRoll said:

this is for getting worms out of the ground for fishing bait.

there’s two electrodes that you place a distance apart in the ground, turn on the voltage and the worms come to the surface.

consumer versions of this were commonly dangerous so it wouldn’t be unusual for somebody to make their own. wouldn’t pass UL standards lol.

Rich_One8093 said:

I agree with the other sub this was posted in, this is a strike alarm for fishing that can run two fishing poles. The IV rig and the copper pipe hold the poles. The 6 volt battery goes through the switches and powers one side of the outlet on each handy box. The bell is wired to the negative side. The odd things in the corner box are a cord end, to be plugged into the outlet, and a clip with contacts at the ends that would complete the circuit when closed, ringing the bell. The cardboard was inserted between the contact points on the clip and attached to the fishing line and when a fish too the hook, would pull the cardboard out of the clip allowing the circuit to be “made” and the bell to ring. Sound feasible anyway.

BingServ said:

Mytitle describes the thing: we demolished an old wood shed and found it under the floor. The briefcase was locked and upon further research based on the name tag, it belonged to a former electrician and Vietnam vet who has since passed away. The copper pipe fits into a female piece on the wood hinge, so nothing can flow through. The two plugs seem to run in sequence with switches attached. The steel bracket piece screws onto a base that is fixed to the briefcase.

KryptosBC said:

I love stuff like this. Hoses for water or air were draped over the hooks and hose-clamped to the copper yoke. Two electric heating elements (now used elsewhere) were wrapped around the copper and plugged in. The fluid was heated as it was pumped through the copper pipe. The 6-volt battery powers the alarm bell, which was probably hooked up to a temperature sensor that also was powered by 6 volts. I’m guessing the temp sensor is attached to the old style plug in the small box. Why it’s in a brief case is the only real mystery. Sorry, but I felt it necessary to suggest something not related to earthworms.

TikiTribble said:

It’s constructed in a briefcase! I suggest this MAY mean it’s meant to be portable on a fairly regular basis. But not just portable, which would likely call for a rudimentary custom (probably wooden) container with the best dimensions for holding the device. This device appears to be cleverly designed to collapse and fold specifically into the briefcase.

This MAY imply the builder did not want it known that they were carrying anything out of the ordinary. I suggest perhaps a device to be secretly carried to places where it could be plugged in. Like to people’s houses. Finding it “under the floorboards” supports- in the absence of further info – the notion of secrecy.

In a primitive, homemade way, this somehow reminds me of a bogus lie detector, seance prop, or even an attempt to copy an “E-Meter” as used in Scientology. (These too are matters in which I am clueless). But is it possible that a subject was meant to rest their forearms on the left side “IV Drip” bars, and grab the right side copper “T-bar” with both hands to complete a circuit? There would need to be feedback, probably provided by the bell ringing occasionally, or ringing faster and slower in response to the Administrator’s questions.

I am clueless in matters of engineering and electricity, and of course this is all just speculation. Does anyone see a setup here which might support such a theory?

TheDawgg12 said:

It’s used to draw worms to the surface for bait collection.

Bunny_Fluff said:

Might be some sort of electrician’s test kit? Maybe the extension cord and outlets can be used to test appliances or wiring or something by having the bell go off? Kinda just spit balling though since I can’t think of what the piping would be for.

bionic_grimereaper said:

Dad had an old telephone gizmo or something that was about a 10″ cube that you crank a handle on that generated quite a strong current. I added two big alligator clips to the wires and we would drive two big spikes in the ground a few feet apart. We could bring up all the worms we needed for fishing when I was a kid.

lotus2471 said:

Looks like an old version of an electrical testing setup for an electrician. Different kinds of switches and sources for testing different kinds of problems. Lots of cars used to run on 6 volt systems, that could explain the 6-volt battery on the corner.

Hairbear2176 said:

My grandpa had one that was made from two pitchforks and an extension cord. He would wet the ground for a few minutes, stick the pitchforks about 3ft apart, then plug in the cord. It was absolutely to see worms coming to the surface as quickly as they could!

R-Mutt1 said:

The bell gets current before the 2 pin switched outlet, right? I get the idea fishing rods could sit in the front steel bracket although even with the clamps I can’t see they’d be able to complete the circuit

Could be a fishing bite alarm with the clamps at the end of the 2 pin plug for a separate purpose. e.g. worms

InfantryMatt said:

I feel like this is a trip wire alarm.(I think I read somewhere he was a Vietnam vet/) This seems like something I would make around my campsite if I had some shit laying around the house and a basic knowledge of electricity and circuits. Electricians……let me know where my ignorance is here.

The flow of electricity is to the bell then to the switch. Is that black power cable coming out of the bottom outlet exposed wires on the other side? In the clear box the plug looks wired to a jumper clip. Would the plug in the box get plugged into the box that is attached to the bell then clipped to one of the hangers or copper piece. I am spitballing here but something gets tied to the piece of wood with copper on it, when the copper pipe gets pulled off the two hangers it causes a break in the current which sets off the bell/alarm.

CalmGreen2073 said:

The aluminum stand is medical grade and is made to hold IV bags or similar.

The electrical is made to be powered from an outlet so AC.

Alarm may be for when one process is done and another begins. Maybe blood transfusion or some other medicinal process.

Everything is made to break down and be portable. Possibly missing pieces for the copper?

obijon298 said:

OP, do you see any method for silencing the alarm, such as cotton stuffed inside or is the alarm hanger bent back? If so, worm getter makes sense (using bell as a back EMF voltage spike generator), otherwise the fishing rod holder/fish alarm theory makes sense to me.


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