Grappling with his son’s suicide, Michael Madsen still hopes to find answers

The final text that Reservoir Dogs actor Michael Madsen got from his kid was simply, “I love you dad,” and that was it.

Hudson Madsen, 26, the son of a famous Hollywood actor, was a U.S. Army Sergeant stationed in Hawaii who had just completed his first tour when he shot himself in the head, according to his father.

“I am in shock as my son, whom I just spoke with a few days ago, said he was happy–my last text from him was ‘I love you dad,’” Madsen, the star of the Kill Bill franchise, told the LA Times.

“I didn’t see any signs of depression. It’s so tragic and sad. I’m just trying to make sense of everything and understand what happened,” he continued.

The eldest of Madsen’s children with wife DeAnna Madsen was Hudson, whose godfather was Quentin Tarantino. Brothers Kalvin and Luke were the next-oldest children. With his ex-wife Jeannine Bisignano, Madsen has two further boys, Christian and Max.

His wife, Carlie, whom he married in 2019, shared positive social media messages about their relationship. According to Carlie’s social media, the couple was considering IVF because they were unable to conceive naturally.

Carlie uploaded a selfie of herself in a hospital gown to Instagram exactly one week before he passed away on January 22, 2022, stating that she had recently had a tumor removed.

“I just want to give a shout-out to my amazing husband!” she adds in the post. He has been extremely patient throughout the entire procedure. Yesterday, I had surgery to remove a tumor from one of my breasts. Carlie continued, “We were at the hospital for about 7 hours yesterday and while I was in surgery he went to target and got me flowers, comfy pajamas, my favorite candy and a card! He’s also been amazing in helping with my recovery and I’m just so thankful…”

A few of weeks later, she tweeted a cute picture of herself and Hudson along with the simple caption, “I miss you so much.” Everyone was perplexed by the circumstances that led to Hudson’s suicide.

The father, who was 64 at the time, was upset about his suicide and stated, “He had typical life challenges that people have with finances, but he wanted a family,” according to Madsen. He was considering his future, so this is mind-blowing. I simply don’t understand what happened.

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor Madsen also disclosed that his son, who had served in Afghanistan, was dealing with mental health issues behind the scenes of his seeming contentment. The actor stated that his son, who need counseling, stopped seeking assistance because of problems he was keeping to himself.

Madsen asked the military to conduct an investigation because he suspected “that officers and rank and file were shaming,” but the results of the investigation are remained classified.

One month after Hudson committed suicide, Madsen, known for his work on Quentin Tarantino’s bloody comedies, was detained in Malibu at the mansion from which he had just been evicted. Madsen was granted bail after being accused of trespassing.

The actor has a criminal record; according to TMZ, he was charged with child endangerment in 2012 and was charged with DUI in 2019 after wrecking his SUV.

The actor walked into his home, and finding his teenaged son smoking pot, the two got into an argument. TMZ writes, “…Madsen had gotten into a physical fight with his juvenile son–and when cops arrived, they observed several signs of injury on his son. We’re told Madsen also appeared to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of his arrest.” The son’s name was not released, and Madsen was.

The family issued a statement following Hudson’s passing, writing, “We are crushed and overwhelmed with grief and pain at the loss of Hudson. All those who knew and loved him will keep his memories and light in their hearts.

On January 23, 2023, offering a heartfelt tribute to her husband, whom she lovingly calls “Lump,” Carlie writes on her Instagram, “…I don’t even know how it’s been a year without you. It still hurts just as much as it did that day. You’re the first thing I think about everyday when I wake up and the last thing I think about before I fall asleep at night. I can’t even describe how much I’m hurting and how much I miss you.”

She continued, “I just wish you would have talked to me and told me what was going on that day. I’m so sorry you thought this was the only way to make things better. I’m so sorry I couldn’t do more and I didn’t see the signs. I’m sorry I let you down. Just know you’re always with me and always on my mind. I miss you so much and I love you more Lump.”

The tragic passing of Hudson Madsen marks the loss of a hero, son, best friend, and spouse. It’s time to tell everybody you know that you love them if they need to hear it.

There is always aid available, and keep in mind that you can call the Suicide Hotline in the U.S. and Canada by dialing 9-8-8 if you’d like to speak with someone anonymously.

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