If You See A Man With A Painted Fingernail, Here’s What It Means

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in October 2016.

A new campaign by YGAP, an Australian non-profit, has seen a host of male celebrities grace social media with one painted fingernail.

While women are more than encouraged to participate and contribute, the campaign’s focus on men is because of the heart wrenching statistics – men are responsible for 90 percent of all sexual assaults against children.

The campaign’s motto, “Nail it to end it,” is based on a simple premise: to raise awareness and funds worldwide, one polished nail at a time.
The #PolishedMan and #nailedit hashtags have taken a hold of social media, with famous celebrities, including Aussies Chris Hemsworth and champion swimmer Michael Klim, as well as Hollywood star Zac Efron, gladly showing off their painted nails.

The Polished Man platform has received over $513,000 in donations from 61,000 people so far.

Big businesses have also joined in, offering support and contributions, which will be used in trauma recovery and trauma prevention programs for children.
The fundraiser ends on October 15.

Sources: SBSNews

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