It doesn’t open more than this, and when closed the hole collides perfectly. What is this?

A lock out tag out devise for companies, so each employee thst is working on a machine or equipment can put their own lock and identification tag on a lock box or piece of equipment they are working on it. So thst everyone knows jnwho is working on it.
It’s a lockout lock that is used if more then one person is working on a project a safety lock
It’s used in self storage, to lockout customers; who think they have out smarted you.
Lock out device, when multiple workers could be on the same project
Osha approved electrical lockout device and legally the only person with the key is the person who locked it out. Anyone who removes it and cause death or injury is guilty of a felony.
Lock out/tag out device for a machine tool main breaker. Had to turn mine in when I retired. Several holes are for everyone working on the machine.
We used these at the refinery where I worked to lockout breakers, machines, etc. but the extra holes were for others to place their locks on!
it is a locking devise, it can be locked using the holes. mostly for electric work
Another way for OSHA to control the masses. Something I use often as a building engineer. I want to go home at night the same way I walked in to work.
Tag out lock out! We use them on our trucks/equipment when it’s not safe or legal to use.
Lockout tag out if more than one person work on that unit they also would place there locks on it.
We use it for lockout tag out for our on track machines
Electrical disconnect device to lock out the disconnect
A happy where several workers can put there lock on and no one person can start that device without all workers are clear and the device is safe to star t
Great safety for repairman and electricians. If. The wrong person doesn’t have a key for the padlock on it
Lock out tag out hasp for industrial settings to locl out machinery when your cleaning it or working on it
It and was used as a lock out device. Used when working on machinery or electricy. Every one involved hand their own locks which they put on this device, NO one turned on the machine being worked on until ALL the locks were removed my the owner of the lock.

A Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Gang Lock is a critical safety device used in industrial settings to prevent accidental equipment startup or release of hazardous energy during maintenance or servicing activities. The LOTO process involves the isolation of energy sources and the placement of locks or tags to ensure that machinery or equipment cannot be operated until the maintenance work is complete and all workers are safely clear.

A Gang Lock is a specialized type of lockout device that allows multiple workers to simultaneously lock out a piece of equipment. It typically consists of a central locking mechanism with multiple individual padlock hasps or slots, each designed to accommodate a separate padlock. This configuration ensures that each worker involved in the maintenance or repair process can secure their own padlock to the Gang Lock, effectively preventing the equipment from being restarted until all workers have completed their tasks and removed their locks.

The use of a Gang Lock enhances safety by providing a visual indication that maintenance work is in progress and that the equipment is inoperable. Additionally, it promotes accountability among workers by allowing each individual to secure their own lock, ensuring that no one can inadvertently restart the equipment without the knowledge of the entire maintenance team.

In addition to the locking mechanism, a Tagout component is often included as part of the LOTO procedure. Tags are attached to the locked-out equipment to provide additional visual warning and information about the maintenance activity being performed, as well as the identity of the worker responsible for the lockout.

Overall, Lockout/Tagout Gang Locks play a crucial role in safeguarding workers from the dangers associated with the unexpected release of hazardous energy, helping to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace.


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