Michael J. Fox Commemorates 35 Years of Love with Wife Tracy Pollan: A Heartwarming Tribute

Michael J. Fox and his wife Tracy Pollan are a very special couple in Hollywood. They have been together for more than 30 years and have faced many difficult times, especially because Michael has Parkinson’s disease.

Recently, they celebrated their 35th anniversary. During this celebration, Michael shared how much he loves and admires his wife in a very sweet and touching way.

On their 35th anniversary, the actor Michael J. Fox, who is famous for Back to the Future and is 62 years old, posted some pictures on social media. These pictures showed different times from his long journey with Tracy Pollan.

In the message he wrote with the pictures, Fox said he’s thankful for “35 years of laughter, living, listening, and loving” with Tracy. He ended the message by saying, “Thank you for everything. I’m yours forever, Mike.”

Tracy Pollan replied to Michael J. Fox’s sweet message in the comments, saying, “Love you so much!!!” She also posted on her own Instagram to celebrate their anniversary, writing, “Happy anniversary, my love. Here’s to many more wonderful adventures together. I couldn’t love you more.” Their messages show how much they love and care for each other, making their relationship even stronger.

Last month, Tracy Pollan celebrated her 63rd birthday, and Michael J. Fox made sure to express his love for her. In his birthday message, he wrote, “She showers the people she loves with love, she shows them the way that she feels.”

Fox also shared how much he cares for her, calling her his “forever Summer girl,” his love, his best friend, and the most beautiful and amazing mom to their four wonderful kids. The message ended with a triple expression of love: “Love love love you.” These public messages show how much they love and appreciate each other.

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan have a beautiful love story that began in 1988. They first met while working on the TV show “Family Ties,” where Pollan played the girlfriend of Fox’s character. Their professional partnership continued with the movie “Bright Lights, Big City,” and during that time, they fell in love.

On July 16, 1988, Fox and Pollan got married. Throughout their long marriage, they were blessed with four children: a son named Sam, twin daughters Aquinnah and Schuyler, and another daughter named Esmé. Their love story, which started in both work and personal life, shows how strong and lasting their relationship is.

A few years after getting married, something really hard happened to Michael J. Fox. In 1991, he found out he had Parkinson’s disease, which is a serious health condition. He talked about this tough time on a TV show called “The Late Show With David Letterman” in 2015. When he was only 29, he learned that he had Parkinson’s. At first, he thought a twitch in his pinkie was from a shoulder injury, but the doctor told him, “You have Parkinson’s disease.” Even though this was tough news, the doctor gave a little bit of hope by saying, “The good news is that you have 10 years of work left.” This was the start of Michael J. Fox talking publicly about Parkinson’s and working to help with research and awareness.

Dealing with Parkinson’s was really hard for Michael J. Fox, but he says his wife, Tracy Pollan, was like a strong pillar supporting him during the toughest times.

Looking back on their journey, Michael J. Fox is thankful for Tracy’s constant love and support. In an interview with Today, he said, “We didn’t know what to expect. One of the things I’ll always love Tracy for is that at that moment, she didn’t blink.” Tracy’s steady support became very important for Fox as they faced the uncertainties and difficulties caused by Parkinson’s in their lives.

For the past 35 years, Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan have been a strong source of love and support for each other, and their strong connection keeps growing.

Talking about what makes their relationship last, Tracy Pollan told People, “I think we really listen to each other, we are there for each other when we need each other. And then we also give each other space when that’s needed. Just feeling off of what’s needed at the moment and trying to be there.”

Michael J. Fox recognized Tracy’s important role in their family, saying, “Tracy gives our family everything that we need. Any good in our family, anything good that we do, comes from her.” Their ability to listen, be there for each other, and give space when necessary shows how strong and understanding their love is.

In 2021, Michael J. Fox announced his retirement from acting, citing the increasing challenges of his battle with Parkinson’s disease. Despite acknowledging that the journey was “getting tougher,” Fox expressed a resilient spirit, stating that he was “not gonna be 80” but affirmed that he was still “happy.”

While his acting career may have taken a back seat, Fox remains actively engaged in making a difference through the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The foundation, established to fund research for improved treatments and ultimately a cure for Parkinson’s disease, stands as the largest nonprofit contributor to Parkinson’s disease research. To date, the foundation has successfully raised over $1 billion for various research projects, emphasizing Fox’s commitment to advancing the understanding and treatment of Parkinson’s.Happy 35th anniversary to Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan! One of the most inspiring celebrity love stories ❤️

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