Past presidents’ physicals: What we know so far

Being the president of one of the most powerful nations in the world means being under the spotlight, both during service and long after.

Recently, CNN published an article which revealed the medical record of several former presidents of the United States. These records mostly involve general information such as height, weight, and the overall health state. In the case of former president Obama for example, the record also includes details of his skin tag removal surgery.

Although presidential candidates aren’t required to reveal their health condition with the general public, Jackson did so during a meeting on Tuesday. The following day, he revealed that Donald Trump was in “excellent health.”

It was in January 1975 that it was revealed by Ford’s doctor that he was “happy to report [Ford] is in excellent health. The results of all medical tests were normal in every way.”

A year later, another physical followed. “He has had no complaints … other than mild discomfort in his knee following periods of prolonged standing. The President has maintained his physical capacity for long working hours. He sleeps very well and continues to follow his diet and weighs between 195 and 198 pounds.”

Ford’s doctor wrote in 1975 that “the completion of the new White House swimming pool will provide him with short intervals for relaxation that can easily be fitted into his busy

“I would like to take the time to acknowledge those citizens who, by their contributions, make a swimming pool available for the President in the White House,” Dr. William Lukash said at a press meeting in January 1976. “I might add that the President was reluctant to use the pool during the winter months because of his concern about energy conservation, I spoke to him about this and felt it was to his advantage to have the use of this pool because I thought it would be an improvement in his sense of well-being and make him more conducive to his feeling better the next day. …

The President swims approximately 24 lengths of the pool, which adds up to about a quarter of a mile, and he does this in about 14 minutes.”

Following a checkup in 1989, Bush was found to be in “extremely sound physical condition.” The X-rays, EKG, urinalysis, blood test, allergy test, and dermatological check all came back normal. His hips did show signs of “mild degenerative osteoarthritis, which has been present for several years.

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