Pat Sajak talks about his urgent procedure.

The “Wheel of Fortune” host, Pat Sajak, discusses how he underwent emergency surgery a month ago for a blocked bowel.

Sajak acknowledged to “Good Morning America” in his first interview after the procedure that he had feared dying just before it.

The game show host first felt “excruciating” discomfort in November while taking his daughter for a morning stroll. He was twisted over in agony just hours before he was scheduled to undergo surgery.

He stated, “I was resting on the bed in the foetal position. Doctors use a variety of drugs to try to manage your discomfort. None of it — not a single thing — worked.

He claimed that later, his medical professionals gave him a painkiller.

He explained, “I suddenly wasn’t thinking about the soreness.” I suddenly experienced a face coming out of these wonderful hues.

My wife and daughter were conversing in the background, and I could hear them. They were standing next to me, yet they sounded like they were miles away,” he said. “They were talking to each other. I remember thinking, without being morbid, that this must be death. Surely this is how death feels.

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