This is attached to a wall on my cabin. It’s about 6 feet from the floor. Approximately 3 inches high. Cabin was built in 1880 by a bunch of lumberjacks/loggers. Thoughts on what it is?


Keith said:
Looks like a menorah to me. Is it near the door? Has a scroll inside with a Bible verse and you touch it whenever you leave home and remember that God watched over you

Andy said:
bracket for a swing-arm lamp mount. Kerosene. Unusually clean – I often see them with maaaaany coats of paint.

William said:
There were swing arm oil lamps that were removable for cleaning. That is the base holder for one

Pete said:
A mounting bracket for a kerosene lamp.

Kathleen said:
Wow never seen an oil lamp holder so elaborate. Lucky you

Melissa said:
I would think a mezuzah would have more Hebraic decorations on it. I think it’s probably more likely to be a light bracket of some sort.

Debbie said:

if there are antique shops near your cabin, you could probably find an appropriate lamp or lantern! Good luck!

John said:

One of the positive commandments in Torah (Hebrew books of law) also found in Christian Bibles in Deuteronomy 6:9… says you shall write the law upon your doors post… inside that is a capsule with a tiny segment of Torah.

Linda said:
I remind people that when showing an item, it is important to add something for size comparison. A playing card, or something similar would have made people more easily determine whether this was small like a mezuzah, or bigger like the oil lamp holder.

Kitty said:
I want all these beautiful oil lamps wow. I do need some of these in my life. I have nine old oil lamps. I’ve been afraid to use for years because of my nosy little Persian cat. She can climb to the top of the refrigerator in a heartbeat. And seems fascinated with the flame. This could have been put on a single bare wall. Glad it was identified.

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