This was left by previous owners on a porch in my home. It’s about 16 to 18 inches tall. No markings anywhere. What is it?

A questioner said:
This was left by previous owners on a porch in my home. It’s about 16 to 18 inches tall. No markings anywhere. What is it?

More from the owner:

It’s metal and wood, not heavy, no markings or text anywhere. There is 1 small hole on the top of the arch.

Some of the people opinions on it:

Redpack said:

Boot scraper.

tomyboyi said:

guy uses it for silk shaping in this video

ptr47 said:

Could it be a perch?

simplyaftr said:

I wonder if it was used as a mold/jig. Looks like the shape of a wooden basket handle. Maybe used for something like that…. Idk just a guess.

technicalswing said:

The bending on the metal handle makes me believe it was used to carry something. Could it be a DIY firewood carrier?

someone said:

It’s a bird portal.

Seriously though it looks like a perch where birds can sit. The house like shape makes me think there’s probably a feeder or bowl underneath, and considering it’s location on the edge of a porch I think a bird related object likely makes the most sense

vague said:

I saw something like this being used to scrape a horse’s hair to thin it out.

ki6wh said:

It’s a decorative bird perch but with me swing

tan_blue said:

What are the two white supports /hooks off the front of the deck? Could they have been used to hang the device? Without knowing what’s in front, right below the deck, my guess would be it’s to display a banner or flag?

voxfugit said:

I saw something like this used with a wooden mallet to call workers on the farm to the lunch meal. Sort of a triangle like percussion instrument in effect. Does it make a tone when hit?

still-smile said:

It looks like an English iron (stirrups) but might be to tall tho.

character-ad-4124 said:

It reminds me of a fire wood holder. Do you have a fire place close to the porch? Or a chiminea?

usernameobsecured said:

This, my friend, is a silk stretcher. Silk worm cocoons are gently opened and wet-stretched over this. Layer by layer, opened up, and made into silk “fabric”. Just one step in the process, but it’s a step in the process.

klutzy-paint said:

Did the previous owners have horses? This helps horses shed their hair almost like a dog or cat brush

Edit: horse hair brush

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When moving into a new home, one often finds traces of previous owners — a stray toy under the bed, an old coat in the closet, or perhaps a forgotten trinket in the attic. But sometimes, these remnants take on a more intriguing form. This was the case with a peculiar object left on the porch of my new home, a mysterious artifact standing about 16 to 18 inches tall, with no identifying marks or inscriptions.

The Discovery

The first time I noticed it, the object seemed out of place, yet strangely at home on the wooden porch. It stood there, weathered but sturdy, as if it had witnessed countless seasons come and go. The artifact had an aura of antiquity, a silent testament to an unknown past.

Description of the Artifact

Standing approximately 16 to 18 inches tall, the object is neither too large nor too small, occupying a curious middle ground. Its surface is smooth in some areas and textured in others, suggesting it might have been hand-crafted. The absence of any markings or inscriptions only adds to its enigmatic nature. The material is difficult to identify at a glance — it could be stone, ceramic, or even a type of hardened clay. Time and the elements have worn away any telltale features that might have revealed its origin or purpose.

Theories and Speculations

Without any clear identifiers, the artifact’s purpose and origin remain subjects of speculation. Several theories have emerged:

Garden Ornament: One plausible explanation is that it served as a garden ornament. Its size and sturdy build make it suitable for outdoor display. Garden ornaments often lack inscriptions, relying instead on their aesthetic appeal.

Cultural Artifact: Another intriguing possibility is that the object is a cultural artifact, perhaps a totem or a statue from a distant land. Its design, though worn, might reflect artistic traditions of a specific culture, intended to convey stories or symbolize certain beliefs.

Functional Object: It’s also possible that the artifact had a practical use. It could be a base for a sundial, a pedestal for a birdbath, or even a part of a larger structure that is now missing.

Sentimental Value: The artifact might have held sentimental value for the previous owners, a keepsake from a memorable trip or a gift from a loved one. Its placement on the porch could have been intentional, a way to keep a cherished memory close.

Seeking Expert Opinions

Determined to uncover the mystery, I decided to seek expert opinions. I contacted local historians, archaeologists, and antique dealers, hoping they could shed light on the artifact’s origins. Each expert provided a unique perspective, but none could definitively identify it. The consensus was that while the object was undoubtedly old, it defied easy categorization.

Embracing the Mystery

In the end, the artifact remains a mystery, a silent guardian of the porch. Its origins and purpose may never be fully known, but its presence adds a layer of intrigue to my new home. I’ve grown fond of the object, appreciating it as a connection to the past and a conversation starter for visitors. It stands as a reminder that not all questions need answers; sometimes, the mystery itself is the most captivating part.

Moving into a new home often brings unexpected discoveries, and this artifact is a testament to that. Whether it is a garden ornament, a cultural relic, or something else entirely, it now has a new story to tell — the story of how it became a part of my life.

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